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I'm in love with a sport full of soft hands, sick flow, chipped teeth and bar down beauties.
I am a passionate Vancouver
Canucks/Pittsburgh Penguins fan.

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Happy 20th Birthday, Gabriel Landeskog!! 

Happy 20th Birthday, Gabriel Landeskog!! 


you need to stop ● [5/?]

Gabriel Landeskog

“@GabeLandeskog92: Time to cut the cord I guess, no more Disney Channel.”

Happy 20th Birthday, Gabriel Landeskog! You have accomplished a lot in your career even before you were 20 and there’s no doubt you’ll have a bright future ahead of you in the years to come. 

Happy 20th Birthday, Gabriel Landeskog.




Gabe the Babe, also a liar because we all know he’s beautiful [x]

Oh my fucking lord almighty.

Your face is an awesome face → Gabriel Landeskog.


lol wut


lol wut